Patient Testimonials

“I had severe neck pain for almost a year, and my general practitioner described it as common for middle-aged people. Still, it wasn't going away or getting better, and it was a problem when driving, and it prevented me from getting a refreshing night's sleep. I could not fully turn my head to the right. I started regular treatment with Dr. Marla Loughran, and in very little time it became better, and eventually disappeared. I now go for preventitive, regular "tune-ups" about once a month and my adjustments always leave me feeling wonderful. I cannot recommend Dr. Marla and Brooklyn Chiropractic Partners highly enough, and everyone in the practice is so nice and helpful.”

—Eleni, C. Brooklyn, NY

“When I first started visiting Dr. Loughran for chiropractic care I had lower back and foot problems that impacted every daily activity. Wearing shoes, heeled and flat, was stressful because I knew I'd feel pain and even walking in sneakers aggravated my lower back pain. Dr. Loughran took great care in treating me and even assigned exercises I could do between visits. She was very honest about treatment, was always pleasant, and the staff at the office was always friendly. In the beginning I was unsure about how chiropractic care could help me and now I know it was the best decision I made for my health.”

—Monica S., Brooklyn, NY

“I've been suffering with neck and back pain because of work related stress for many years now. I have taken muscle relaxers and pain relievers during that time, however the pain never went away. I started treatment with Dr. Loughran for the past few months and the pain has already reduced dramatically. I haven't taken a muscle relaxer since and long-term relief is on its way. I would recommend chiropractic treatment for neck and back pain since I have seen the positive effects and its corrective results. Also, Dr. Loughran provides a thorough explanation of the spine and neck so that I am able to understand what adjustments she is doing. As well as, personal and thoughtful care for her patients.”

—Christina K., Brooklyn, NY

“Prior to receiving chiropractic care, I had severe lower back pain. Many times upon rising from a chair, I could not straighten up (even a medical doctor told me I was crooked). Through a recommendation from a friend, I began chiropractic treatments from Dr. Dadas. Today I can happily say, I am no longer in lower back pain and I can get up from a chair without experiencing pain. Based on my own experience, I highly recommend Dr. Dadas for your chiropractic care.”

—Norma J. Sgroi, Brooklyn, NY

“Over the years, I've been to many Chiropractors. But none have been as competent as Dr. Marla Loughran. Dr. Loughran has made a significant impact on my quality of life, and I owe her a huge debt of gratitude. My pain has subsided, and my flexibility is returning. ”

—Steve Bruner